Information in English

The Faculty of Engineering Science (IV) at NTNU has it’s own student council that protects the interests of it’s students. The student council is made up of 3 faculty trustees (FTV) and 20 or so department trustees (ITV) representing the different departments and study programs at IV. The trustees are elected by the student body, with elections being held twice a year. Because of language requirements in meetings at NTNU, we are sorry to say that you can not apply for these positions if you don’t master norwegian. However, it is still very important to get contacted by international students and exchange students, as we represent you too. Don’t hesitate to contact us if there is something you thing should be better about a particular course, study program or anything else. We will try to help you, or otherwise send you onwards to the correct person, or bring the issue to NTNU. 

To contact the student representative of your department, use one of the following mail adresses: (Ålesund) (Gjøvik)

Not sure which department to contact, or do you wich to bring your case directly to the faculty level? Then you should contact:

We are sorry for the lack of information in English at the moment. We are trying to get better!